PINC 2016

3D Druck Event 2015

7. Oktober 2015

3D Druck Event 2015

7. Oktober 2015

Think outside the box

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Opportunities in the sdi

In the sdi you can not only develop your project management and leadership skills. This is designed to be a platform for learning. So if you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur, why don't we look and see if we can launch a Kickstarter campaign? We also try to get our members opportunities such as internships with our partners to give them more opportunities to learn new and exciting stuff. Just visit us to see how we can help each other.


Stuff sdi people have done in the past:

  • We sent someone to the One Young World Summit 2013 in South Africa
  • We co-facilitated a module at the BFH
  • We ran consulting for a company in collaboration with the BFH
  • We organized workshops with awesome companies

People in the sdi

People in the sdi are the ones that want to go the extra mile and do something relevant. We're a group of people who are not satisfied with writing a business plan and then just forget about it but we want to do something about it. We don't just get frustrated about a potential lack of learning opportunities but we create our own. And we like to have fun doing that. In the end, people in the sdi show initiative and drive and are exactly the kind of people good businesses are looking for.

Projects in the sdi

In the sdi we run projects that create a relevant impact in real life. Often these projects are run in conjunction with group works students have to do anyway. Parts of this website for example have been created in Business Information Systems 3. That way students can gain a deeper insight into stuff they are really interested in and take advantage of a supporting network of like minded people.